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Program & Presentations

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Tuesday, August 29th: Optional Training (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) No slides available

Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success – American Management Association

Wednesday, August 30th (8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.)

7:00 a.m.             Registration Desk Open (Justines)

8:00 a.m.             Welcome                          

FW Regional Coordinator - Jennifer Stewart, Naval Surface Warfare Center – Corona Division

FW Deputy - Dr. Annemarie Meike, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


8:15 a.m.             Host Laboratory: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Fred Farina - Chief Innovation and Corporate Partnerships Officer - Caltech


8:45 a.m.             Keynote Speaker:  Stephen Ezell of Information Technology Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

Localizing the Economic Impact of Technology Transfer

9:25 a.m.             Regional Vibrant Ecosystem

Panel 1: Riverside County Ecosystem


MODERATOR: Brian Suh, UC Riverside - [Full Panel Presentations]

       InSoCal CONNECT - Scott Brovsky, Executive Director

       ExCITE Accelerator at UC Riverside + City of Riverside + County of Riverside - Taj Ahmad Eldridge, Director

       March Joint Powers Authority – Dr. Grace Williams, Economic & Community Development Manager

       Tritech SBDC - Christopher Earl, Assistant Director


10:25 a.m.          BREAK


10:40 a.m.          Panel 2: Pasadena and Los Angeles Technology Ecosystem No panel presentations


 Moderator:  Dan Broderick, Manager of Office of T2, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech

·        Caltech – Dr. Jennifer Shockro, Assistant Director for Technology Transfer

·       CleanTech Incubator, LACI- laincubator.org - Ed Beres, Director University Relations

·        Magna Point Group - Stan Tomsic, Managing Director

·        Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies – Dr. Pai-Ling Yin, Director, Marshall School of Business, USC


11:40 a.m.          Legislative Update - Gary Jones, Washington, DC Liaison

12:00 p.m.          Lunch (Piazza)


1:15 p.m.            SSTI’s Report of FLC Mid-Continent ProjectJason Rittenberg, SSTI

1:35 p.m.            Measuring the Impact of Your T2 Program (both Qualitatively and Quantitatively)

                              Moderator: Jackie Kerby Moore, Manager, Technology and Economic Development, Sandia National Laboratories

Topic 1: Sandia’s ROI Framework: a system to measure qualitative and quantitative impact on T2
Developer Joel Sikora, Manager, Intellectual Property (IP) Management, Business and Competitive Intelligence (BCI), and Business Development, Sandia National Laboratories

2:30 p.m.            Topic 2: Lab Success Story - Jessica Sosenko, National Energy Technology Laboratory on the "Arc Position Sensing" Commercialization Success

2:45 p.m.            Break

3:00 p.m.            Legislative and Case Law Updates in Intellectual Property – Implications for IP Protection and Licensing

Moderator:  Dr. Annemarie Meike, Business Development Executive, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

·        Patent Case LawDr. Yoriko Morita, Founder and President of Patents Integrated

·        United States Patent and Trademark Office - John Cabeca, Director, West Coast Region, USPTO

·        Implications of Section 101 Changes, Including Trade Secrets - Boris Zelkind, Knobbe Martens

4:00 p.m.            Making a Difference Thru T2: Harnessing technology for social good


Moderator:  Aaron Sauers, FLC Year of Energy Lead - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

·        Resnick Sustainability Institute at Caltech & First Look West (FLOW) - Stephanie Yanchinski, Executive Director 

·        Certified Adizes Associate & Industry LiaisonDr. Darrell Gooden

·        Conscious Youth Promoting Health & Environmental Resilience (CYPHER) - R. Bong Vergara, Director

·        Illinois Accelerator Research Center at Fermi – Aaron Sauers, Certified Licensing Professional and Executive, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

5:00 p.m.            Adjourn

6:00 p.m.            Reception followed by dinner and award event (Piazza)


Thursday, August 31st (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)

7:00 a.m.             Registration Desk Open (Justines)

8:00 a.m.             Welcome – Jack and Jackie

MC Regional Coordinator Jack James–  NASA Johnson Space Center

MC Deputy Jackie Kerby Moore - Sandia National Laboratories

8:15 a.m.             Key Technologies--Lab, Academic, and Industry Perspectives

Moderator: Dick Paul, FLC National Advisor Council

·        Technology Collaboration Center – Bob Prochnow, Executive Director

·        Nestles Water North AmericaDr. Dave Palais, Natural Resource Manager

·        Jet Propulsion LaboratoryBrett Kennedy, Supervisor & Cognizant Engineer, Robotic Vehicles and Manipulators Group, Mars Science Lab Robotic Arm

·        Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Wayne Miller, Deputy Director, HPC Innovation Center

9:15 a.m.             New Approach to CRADAs

                              Moderator:  Jackie Kerby Moore, Sandia National Laboratories

                              Topic 1:

·        CRADA Best Practice – Dr. Jason Martinez, Business Development/CRADA Specialist,  Sandia National Laboratories

9:45 a.m.             Topic 2:

·        Lab Success Story – Nanomaterial for Temperature Regulation – Dale Huber, Sandia National Laboratories

10:00 a.m.          Break

10:10 a.m.          Tech Transfer Tools

                              Moderator:  Jack James, NASA JSC

·        NASA Tech Transfer System (NTTS) & ATLASDrives portal, manages information, captures licensing, CRADAs, etc.
Tek Okimura, NASA Ames, NASA Tech Transfer (IT) System Project Manager

·        CASIS Center for the Advancement of Science in SpaceDebbie Wells, Program Manager

11:00 a.m.          Innovative Marketing and Outreach – Making a Difference

·        Debbie Wolfenbarger, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

11:25 a.m.          DOD: Making a Difference

§  MD5 National Security Technology Accelerator – Ben Solomon, CEO and Co-Founder, Hyperion Technologies

11:50 a.m.          Wrap – up and Jet Propulsion Laboratory Tour Highlights

12:00 p.m.          Adjourn

1:00 p.m.            Optional Tour of JPL